CG #40 - How to Use Benefits to Connect Features with Client Desires

October 8, 2022
Nathan Rodgers
Highlight the benefits of what you're offering so you can connect the features of your product or service with the reasons people actually buy.

This was a tough week.

Hurricane Ian passed over us last week without causing any damage.

We know we got lucky because there was a lot of damage and flooding in other parts of Central Florida.

But it was still disruptive. Several days of getting ready, then a day without power, and then getting back to normal

So this was a catch-up week and I feel like I mostly didn't catch up! Partly because I needed to deliver a marketing strategy for a new client and that took up more time than expected.

I almost thought I wouldn't get out this week's issue (the 40th!), but I just made it by my deadline.

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This new module looks specifically at digital marketing and I'm looking for a few people to help me test it.

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Now, on to this week's tip to get more clients...

Client-Getting Strategy of the Week:

Focus on the Benefits


Highlight the benefits of what you're offering so you can connect the features of your product or service with the reasons people actually buy.

Who / What it Works For:

This principle is important for businesses and offers of any kind because it comes down to one basic truth: people buy results, not products.

How it Works:

The features of your product or service are important.

But benefits are what convince someone to buy from you.

Features are what your product is.

Benefits are what your product does for your prospect.

Features are things like: size, specifications, length, functions.

Benefits are what your prospect actually wants. The emotions they'll feel and the results they'll get.

One way to draw out the benefits is to ask "so what?"

Here a few examples of features for a fictional course on time management:

  • 23 video lessons
  • Weekly group coaching calls
  • 6 weeks long

Here's what they look like with benefits:

  • 23 video lessons that cover everything you'll ever need to know about time management.
  • Weekly group coaching calls to keep you on track and make sure you are implementing what you learn.
  • 6 weeks long so you make real progress in as short a time as possible and turn that progress into habits that last.

Remember, people don't buy things or products. People buy emotions and great results.

Here's how you can find all the benefits of what you're selling, and promise your most important benefit first:


The first step is to brainstorm all the possible benefits of what you're selling. Make a list of every single benefit or result you can think of that your product or service will achieve for your prospect.

To make sure you find them all, also list every single feature. Then find the benefit (or benefits) for each.


Once you have a list of all the benefits, organize them in order of priority or importance to your prospective client.

Ideally, ask people who fit your ideal client profile what they think.

What you think is important might not be what is most important to your prospects. The larger your poll sample, the better your data will be.

The goal here is to identify the one core benefit that stands out above the rest.

This will be the basis for your primary hook and the focus of your marketing.

Describe Your Most Important Benefit in Detail

You must persuade your prospect that your claims are true and prove your claims.

One way to do this is to go into detail about how and why your product will achieve the core benefit you're promising.

This isn't about hype or hyperbole.

Instead of using empty words like 'amazing' and 'incredible', you give facts, reasons, and interesting little-known details.

People buy on emotions, but they justify with logic, and you need to give them all the reasons why they should pick your product or service over the competition.

Keys to Success:

Find Hidden Benefits

If you can, find a 'hidden benefit' to strengthen the appeal of your product or service.

In almost every product you sell, you can find 'hidden benefits' that might be even more attractive than the obvious benefit.

'Hidden benefits' are like 'hidden treasures.' They grab attention, create interest, and are more exciting to read about.

For example, a hidden benefit of the time-management system may be that not only will it make your prospect more productive and his business more profitable, but gives them more time for family and for doing the things they love doing.

Master the Bullet Point

You never know which benefit will appeal to a particular prospect, so you want to be able to show as many as possible.

The most effective way to do this is to make bullet point lists.

Bullet point lists

  • Break up long text
  • Allow for scanning
  • Are great for sharing all those benefits

When writing bullets here a few tips to follow:

  • Start them all with the same part of speech
  • Ensure all bullets in a list are about the same length
  • Limit the number of bullets in one list to about 7 entries

A few ways to start a list of benefits:

  • You'll be able to...
  • You'll discover...
  • What you'll get...
  • You'll learn how to...
  • This is for you if you're ready to...

Go One Step Further

Features are important and benefits are key, but you can take it one step further and highlight the outcome they get from the feature/benefit.

You can do this by answering the question "what does this mean?".

Here's a format to follow:

[Feature] so you can [Benefit] which means [ultimate outcome].⁣

Ex: "1-on-1 access so you get real-time expert feedback, which means you'll never feel like you're going it alone."

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