CG #39 - Hurricane Ian Issue

October 1, 2022
Nathan Rodgers
A round-up of past issues.

If you're reading this, then it means I am either without power or just didn't have a chance to write new content this week.

It's Wednesday morning right now. I'm just east of Orlando, waiting for Hurricane Ian.

The winds are picking up and should be Tropical Storm force in a couple hours, with hurricane force winds coming later tonight.

Likely we'll lose power and who knows how long it will be out.

The past two days have been prepping and now my family and I are waiting.

This hasn't been a normal week and I don't have the time (or focus) to be able to write a new issue.

So, instead I wanted to share a few past issues that you may have missed or want to review.

(I think it's Alex Hormozi that says we need to be reminded more than we need to be taught.)

Here there are...

Client-Getting Strategies To Keep You Busy This Weekend:

Get the foundation right. Create your Market Dominating Position.

Now that you know what makes you fundamentally different from the competition, identify your Big Marketing Idea to make it stand out in the market.

You also need to craft a clear, compelling offer your ideal clients can't refuse.

Make sure to come up with a great title for your offer using the MAGIC Formula.

Introduce yourself, convey your Market Dominating Position, and share your offer in a simple, 2-minute video.

Make sure to market in a way that leads to conversions using this formula.

And to write effective copy for your marketing, make sure you know this not-so-secret secret.

Oh, and sprinkle in a few of these psychological triggers (but do it ethically please).

Plus, check out some of the customer-getting tactics I've covered like a Quiz Funnel, a Free 5-Day Challenge, or a Paid 90-Minute Virtual Workshop.

I hope you liked this round-up of past issues.

If you're in Florida or in the way of Ian, I hope you and your families stay safe.

As always, if you have any questions or challenges in growing your business, don't hesitate to email me at and let me know!

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