CG #35 - An Offer So Good They Can't Say No

September 3, 2022
Create an offer so compelling, so irresistible, and with so much real and perceived value that your ideal client has no choice but to say yes.

Hey - it's Nathan. 👋

This week I'm discussing another fundamental of Client Getting:

Making irresistible offers.

Getting this right requires more time, brainstorming, creativity, and testing than you might initially expect.

It's a journey I'm still on with my offers.

But it is key for your business's success that you put in the effort to come up with great offers.

I hope you get a better sense of how to do that after you read this, but then make sure you do the most important thing:

Actually make the offers to real human beings.

Which if you are a solopreneur like me, is often surprisingly difficult.

When I was building a hotel, it was easy to make offers because while I was deeply associated with the project, it wasn't me they were rejecting when people said no.

Now as a coach, I am the product. It's much harder to separate a rejection of my offer from a rejection of me.

So I have to overcome huge internal barriers so I can get out there and make more offers to more people, knowing that most will say no.

Besides just doing it despite that fear, the best way to make it easier on yourself to make more offers is to make them more compelling and irresistible. When you are confident in the value your offer provides, it's much easier to share it with your prospects.

So that's what we're gonna cover...

Client-Getting Strategy of the Week:



Create an offer so compelling, so irresistible, and with so much real and perceived value that your ideal client has no choice but to say yes.

Who / What it Works For:

This works for everyone with a business:

If you want to have a business, you must make offers.

If you want to have a successful business, you must make good offers.

If you want to have a wildly successful business, you must make irresistible offers.

How it Works:

First, of all, let's define an offer.

I like Alex Hormozi's definition: "the offer is the goods and services you agree to give or provide, how you accept payment, and the terms of the agreement. It is what begins the process of getting customers and making money."

Now, what makes an offer irresistible, an offer so good your ideal client would feel like a fool not to accept?

(Also known as: a compelling offer, a godfather offer, an offer you can’t refuse, a no-brainer, a grand slam offer, or an offer they'd feel like a fool to say no to)

Here are the core elements:

  • It promises a solution to an intensely felt pain that the prospect wants to solve now or a deeply felt desire they want to realize now (usually these are just different sides of the same coin)
  • It provides tremendous value - think 10-100x the price
  • It is not commoditized and cannot be compared to anything else in the market.
  • There is a reason to act immediately - urgency and scarcity
  • It is simple, clear, and to the point
  • There’s a reason for it - it can be as simple as “I woke up today in a great mood and wanted to share the love”, but there needs to be a reason the offer exists
  • There is no risk for the prospect
  • It is niched down several levels
  • It is intended for a customer base that is easy to target
  • You get paid enough that you can make a good profit AND fulfill your promise

One other thing, your offer should be targeted at prospects who can afford to buy it at a premium price.

You can use these principles to make an irresistible free or low-cost offer, and those have their place as lead magnets and loss leaders.

But when it comes to your core offer, it should be premium enough that you can build a successful business on it with good margins.

How to Create an Irresistible Offer

(Most of this comes from Alex Hormozi)

1. Identify the dream outcome your prospect desires.

Make it as concrete as possible. So not just "make more money" but how much money, in what timeframe and without the thing they hate most.

2. Identify all the problems they have that keep them from getting that dream outcome.

Literally every single problem.

3. Transform each problem into a solution.

It's as easy as adding "how to".

If the problem is: "I'm not sure how to use social media to get clients", the solution is "How to use social media to get more clients."

4. Brainstorm how you could fulfill each solution.

So in the example above, I could

  • Create and publish their content for them
  • Give them a swipe file of successful client-attracting content that breaks down why it works
  • Review each post they write before they publish
  • Create a cheatsheet of content styles that attract clients
  • Etc.

5. Trim and stack.

Review your brainstorm list and remove the things that have a high cost to you and low value to your prospect.

Keep working through the list until you have a list of things you can include in your offer that has relatively low cost to you but have high value to your prospect.

Organize them and package them into a product or service.

You may actually need to create a series of compelling offers with this list leading up to your core offer:

  • What offer can I make to attract them?
  • What offer can I make to get them on my list?
  • What offer can I make to get them on a phone call?
  • What offer can I make to get them to purchase my core product?

6. Enhance your offer

Add in scarcity, urgency, bonuses, social proof, and guarantees.

7. Create great hooks for your offer

Now that you have your offer, you need to create hooks that will get people's attention and interest.

You can try different hooks while leaving the core product/service essentially the same.

Keys to Success:

Hormozi outlines four primary drivers of value. Focus on conveying these four things to build the real and perceived value of your offer:

  1. It will help them achieve their dream outcome
  2. The real/perceived likelihood of achievement is high
  3. The real/perceived time delay required to achieve is low
  4. the real/perceived effort and sacrifice required to achieve is low

In other words, make it as easy, quick, and likely that your offer will help your ideal clients achieve their dream outcomes, and you will have an offer with unparalleled value for them.

Additional Resources:

$100 Million Offers by Alex Hormozi is a must-read. Get it today for $1. Read it multiple times. Internalize it. Apply it.

Here's a quick summary of Hormozi's MAGIC Formula for crafting offer names.

For more on urgency, scarcity and other buying triggers, see here.

Something Else You Might Like

I'm a few days into Kevon Cheung's free Making Twitter Friends email course and finding tremendous value in it.

What's your offer?

Email me at and share it. I'll give you a couple ideas on how you can make it more compelling.

Have a great weekend!


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