CG#33 - Quiz Funnels

August 20, 2022
Nathan Rodgers
Get cheap leads, high conversions, fast results and serve and sell better with quiz funnels.​

Hey - it's Nathan. 👋

Here with another client-getting strategy to help you grow your business.

I took a masterclass on this one a while back and it's one of the most fun and engaging methods for generating leads and clients...

Client-Getting Strategy of the Week:

Quiz Funnels

Quiz Funnel Flow Diagram


Get cheap leads, high conversions, fast results and serve and sell better with quiz funnels.

Who / What it Works For:

Quiz funnels work for just about any kind of service or offer: ecommerce, digital products, client services, local businesses, affiliate marketers, lead generation, building pre-launch lists, etc.

Quiz funnels get cheap leads with high conversion rates because they are fun and people like to share them.

You also get good data about your prospects that you can then use to segment them, customize your copy, and offer more relevant products and services.

How it Works:

A quiz funnel works by leading quiz takers through a series of questions that result in them being put into 3-5 "buckets".

When you tell them their bucket, you also give them a hyper-relevant tip to help them with their problem, and then transition into your offer.

A helpful way to think about it is that the quiz results are a bandaid, and your offer is the cure.

A quiz funnel has three core elements:

The Hook

The hook is what attracts someone to take your quiz.

It opens a loop in the mind of the right prospect that they can only closed by taking your quiz.


  • Which Home Office Setup is Right For You?
  • What Hair Style Flatters Your Face Most?
  • What’s Your Business Acumen Score?
  • What’s Your Fitness Profile?
  • What’s Your #1 Attraction Killer?
  • What’s Your Client-Getting Superpower?

The quiz starts with an intro page that includes the quiz title, a call to action to take the quiz, and shows an mock image of the report they'll get at the end explaining their results.

The Bridge

The bridge is composed of 5-12 multiple-choice questions and a lead capture.

The questions should feel relevant to the topic, and be designed to give you useful information about the prospects who will be coming through the quiz.

It's good to start the quiz with a simple question that has a binary response to get them started.

The questions shouldn't be difficult to answer - you don't want people to feel like they have to go research or think long and hard about their responses.

Once they complete the quiz, the takers will come to a lead capture page which tells them the name of their result - ideally in a format that is cryptic enough that they will not fully understand it on their own.

They'll be asked to enter their first name and email to receive their full personalized quiz results.

The Offer

You can present the results of the quiz in a text or video on the results page after they've given you their email.

This is the "bucket" they are put in based on their answers.

You should also package that into a short "report" that you send to them by email.

The results should have relevant and helpful information so that quiz takers feel like they learned something new and got some value out of it.

You can then transition into your offer, and a call to action to take the next step in your offer funnel (buy a product, schedule a call, sign up for a course, etc.)

One of the great things about a quiz funnel is that you can send people to different offers based on the bucket they are in.

You can - and should - also set up an automated email welcome sequence that is personalized to their quiz results and encourages them to take the next step in your offer.

Keys to Success:

Picking the Right Framework

There are three frameworks for a quiz funnel:

1. Type

Think of this like personality-type quiz. People get sorted based on some type or profile.


  • Style
  • Type
  • Profile
  • Power
  • Factor
  • Motivator
  • Technique

2. Killer

In the Killer-type quiz, takers get sorted into buckets based on some mistake or obstacle that is preventing them from getting what they want.


  • Killer
  • Blocker
  • Blindspot
  • Pitfall
  • Mistake
  • Constraint
  • Hurdle

3. Score

A score quiz shows people how they rate on scored or ranked set of outcomes.


  • Score
  • Grade
  • Rating
  • Ranking
  • IQ
  • Status
  • Level

If you're just starting out and you don't have a proven formula for scoring, weighting and ranking answers, I'd suggest sticking with a Type or Killer quiz.

Make it Easy on Yourself

One trick to make it easy to build your quiz: have just one question be the one that determines which bucket they go in.

The other questions are their to help you learn more about them, but don't actually determine which bucket they go in.

Start with the Offer

When you build your quiz, do it in this order:

1. Offer

Know what your offer or offers are before you start so you design a hook and questions that are relevant to the offer.

2. Hook

Now come up with the hook. Write out dozens of ideas if you can, narrow down to 4-5 and test on social media or with your email list by asking which one people would be most interested in.

3. Bridge

Now you design your buckets and your questions so they are relevant and in line with the hook and offer.

Use the Right Tech

There are a number of tools you can use to build your quiz funnel.

The best in class is Bucket. This is a dedicated quiz funnel builder created by Ryan Levesque, the quiz funnel guru from whom I learned everything in this issue.

Bucket has so far only been available to those who go through one of Levesque's masterclasses, but it is becoming publicly available next week.

I've had a chance to use Bucket and it was easy to use and definitely worth checking out if you are serious about using a quiz funnel in your business, though it isn't cheap (will probably be around $100 a month).

Outgrow is a more affordable option I've also used to build a quiz funnel. While not as intuitive as Bucket, it comes with additional features like the ability to create calculators, polls, chatbots, and forms, among other things.

Typeform is a popular form builder that can be used to create a quiz funnel. I haven't used it, but from the looks of it, you can get pretty sophisticated with scoring and sorting.

Additional Resources:

What Funnel is Right for Your Business? - Take this quiz by Ryan Levesque to find out which type of funnel is right for your business.

Hint: I'm 99.9% sure it's going to be a quiz funnel, regardless of your answers. But you'll see a great quiz funnel in action and get on his list to learn more about quiz funnels.

Something Else You Might Like

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Got a quiz funnel idea? Hit reply and let me know.

I'll help you come up with some hooks you can use to test with your audience.

Have a great weekend!


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