CG #31 - 6-Day Email Warm-up Sequence

August 6, 2022
Nathan Rodgers
Nurture leads with an email warm-up sequence that positions you as a trusted advisor by answering six questions on every prospect's mind.

Hey - it's Nathan. 👋

This week I rebranded myself as a business coach.

(If you want to skip over my story about it and my new offer, feel free to jump down to this week's strategy.)

I'm excited because with the experience and tools I now have, I'll be able to help solopreneurs and small business owners grow faster and better.

But it took a while to get here.

I began my career as a Peace Corps Volunteer teaching English in Ukraine.

Then spent 8+ years in operations and project management at UNICEF in NYC, Thailand and Nepal.

My entrepreneurial journey started in my mid-30s when decided to build a hotel and a travel agency in Colombia with two partners.

I spent 5 years doing that. I helped raise over $4 million and went through what seemed like a never-ending series of challenges.

And then Covid hit just a few months after we opened and I had to hit restart.

I began offering funnel building services.

That evolved into a kind of marketing manager role with a couple of clients while continuing to do one-off website and landing page builds as well as some random copywriting assignments.

For a long time, I thought I needed to narrow down my scope of done-for-you services so I could get better traction.

Among other things, I thought about just building analytical dashboards, or only doing email copywriting, or just creating landing pages.

But I've been a generalist all my life, and going so narrow felt like setting myself up for being bored.

Which is why I've also found a coaching/consulting model to be appealing and why I think busines coaching best suits me as the next step in my evolution.

As a business coach, I can draw on my real-world experience in operations, managing projects, building businesses, and in marketing to really help others face the challenges of positioning and growing their businesses.

Because I know how difficult and overwhelming that can be.

How frustrating when you can’t quite figure things out and hit that breakthrough and instead find yourself just barely getting by.

Wondering if you made a mistake in starting this thing.

Asking yourself if maybe it’s time to just call it quits and go back to a regular job.

Feeling that constant pressure to take care of your employees and your family and not knowing exactly how you're going to do that.

How lonely it can feel.

I've been able to help hundreds of businesses over the past couple years, and I'm excited because now I'm able to do even more to make an impact.

With the help of proprietary software, I can work with business owners to find $10-$50k in hidden revenue by assessing up to three dozen areas of revenue and profit growth.

I then take that information and create a detailed, personalized roadmap to follow to make that (and potentially more) a reality.

It's the kind of business transformation that can change and improve lives.

And that's what I've always been about since I launched my career as a Peace Corps Volunteer.

So if you know a business that might benefit from finding an additional $10k or more in revenue in a short, free assessment that will give them a real plan they can actually use (and with zero sales tactics involved because I hate being sold to and refuse to do that to others), please forward this newsletter to them.

They (or you) can schedule that assessment here.

Now on to this week's client-getting strategy...

Client-Getting Strategy of the Week:

6-Day Email Warm-up Sequence


Nurture leads with an email warm-up sequence that positions you as a trusted advisor by answering six questions on every prospect's mind.

Who / What it Works For:

This sequence can work for most any business, but is probably best suited to those with a founder who is the face of the business.

How it Works:

In several previous strategies I've discussed, the focus has been on getting new leads by capturing emails (see the archive here).

But what should you actually say in your emails to those new prospects?

While looking for inspiration for this week's newsletter, I came across my notes from a List Building training by Russell Brunson, founder of ClickFunnels.

This email sequence answers six key questions a prospect has. By answering them, you can build confidence that you are an expert and guide they can trust.

Note there is some overlap of what you talk about each day. This is okay because not everyone will read every email, and even if they do, they're just learning about you so repeating your message will help it stick.

Day 1 - Who you are?


  • What you are all about
  • Where you come from
  • Why you are here now doing what you do
  • Why it's SO important to you

Day 2 - What do you do?

Explain what you do as if the audience is in elementary school.

Avoid techno babble and platitudes as you explain when and how you realized this was a problem for others, how you happened upon or created the solution, and when you knew that this is what you were meant to do.

Day 3 - How does this work?

Tell them:

  • Exactly how your product/serice works
  • How you figured it
  • What you started/stopped doing to pursue this

Give people an emotional reason that sets you apart from the rest. Tie it to their why.

Day 4 - How did you earn/learn it?

Take them back to the moment when your life changed:

  • Who were you before you knew this?
  • Who were you as you were learning it?
  • Who have you become since then?

Day 5 - Who do you help?

Tell them about someone you’ve helped:

  • What questions did they have?
  • How did you know they would be a good fit?
  • What was their situation before?
  • What were their results?

Day 6 - How can you do it for them?

Share your mission / cause and how you're committed to helping them solve their painfulf problem and get the result they desire.

Provide details about how your process works and why you’ve created each step.

And most importantly, give details on how they can get started and add a clear Call to Action.

Keys to Success:

1. Assume familiarity

These aren't formal business letters like you may have been taught to write in school.

So write in a conversational way, as if to a friend.

Start with "hey" or "hi" rather than "dear".

Use contractions, informal language, avoid jargon and platitudes, and write at a 3rd grade level.

And most importantly, be your genuine self.

2. Create a curiosity-based pattern interrupt

Your email subject line is everything.

Make your reader do a double-take when scanning through their inbox.

Cut through the noise enough to be noticed and with enough curiosity to earn the click.

3. Hook your reader immediately

Drop them into your story right away.

Think of how novels and short stories start:

Right in the action.

4. Guide their epiphany

Now that you’ve got their attention, you need to give the hook context and prove you weren't just click-baiting them.

Help them see that this is important and why they should pay attention.

Make the lesson, experience or situation you’re sharing with them easier to understand using metaphors, similes, and ‘kinda likes’ ("it's kinda like when...").

5. Ask them to respond

You want to create conversations with the people on your list.

So let them know the lines of communication are open.

Ask them to respond with questions or share what they are learning from you or a similar experience they may have had in the past.

Additional Resources:

Try this free subject line analyzer to see if your subject line is click-worthy.

My free Beginner's Guide to Getting Started with Email Marketing walks you through the exact steps you need to follow to - guess what - get started with email marketing.

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This has been a longer one that usual, so just gonna sign off.

Have a great weekend!


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