Zuckerberg is Showing Us the Future...It's Frightening

Nathan Rodgers
November 5, 2022

We should be careful about the future Zuckerberg is building for us.

The other day I saw an ad for the Meta Quest Pro that made me wonder what kind of world my kids will grow up in.

The Meta Quest Pro is a VR headset from Meta (formerly known as Facebook) that you can pick up for a mere $1500.

The video shows normal situations: coworkers sitting around a table, a band in a recording studio, playing sports.

And then everyone puts on the Meta Quest Pro.

In the commercial, they are all somehow more productive and happy.

It ends with the following promise: “New ways to work. New ways to create. New ways to collaborate.

Maybe I'm just old school, but it feels to me like a frightening future.

I’m not looking forward to the day when I sit around a table with my family or coworkers and instead of looking each other in the eyes, we connect in some virtual world.

Although, it’s probably inevitable. 

And not so different from the times when we are all absorbed in our own screens as we sit together and go about our days.

So I don’t want to be a Luddite and decry technology.

There may be ways that it's fun and cool and even allows us to connect with others in new and interesting ways. 

And there will be opportunities for business that we can’t even imagine today.

But it is a future we should approach with caution.

It's easy to see it becoming a dystopian future where most people spend too much of their lives wearing these and living in a VR fantasy world.

A world of escape from whatever pains or troubles or difficulties or challenges there are in the real world.

A world in which we lose our ability to connect physically with other people.

Most of us have already felt the negative effects of life without in-person connection. 

In the two years and a half years since COVID started, to protect my kids we stopped going out much and we don't have very much contact or connection with other human beings.

And there's something not quite right about that. Life feels more empty. 

Like something essential is missing.

And that's what gives me pause when I see that commercial of people sitting around a table and playing together.

Instead of actually being there with each other, they feel the need to travel off to a fantasy world.

Seems like we're going to be missing something essential about being humans if we’re not careful.

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