The most important rule in marketing

Nathan Rodgers
April 28, 2022

Follow this to improve the effectiveness of your website, funnel, emails, and social media.

When I was in college, a small-town cop in Indiana gave me a ticket because my windows were tinted.

I had no idea that I was breaking the law.

I grew up in Michigan and hadn't had a problem driving my little Ford Escort there.

It didn't matter though. The rule existed and I had to pay my fine for breaking it.

There is a rule that exists online as well, and if you don't follow it, your landing page or website will pay a "fine" in bounces, missed opportunities, and poor conversion rate.

It's called the Rule of One:

Focus on one reader, one problem, one promise, one message, and one offer.

One reader

Write as if you were writing to one specific person, the idealized version of your ideal client.

One problem

Focus on one core problem your ideal client is experiencing that keeps them up at night and that they have an immediate need to solve.

One promise

Make one clear promise about how you will help solve your visitor’s problems if they take action. In other words, what desired result or outcome will they experience?

One message

If they only remember one thing after visiting your page, what is it? Everything on your page should tie into this message.

One offer

What are you offering your visitor that will benefit them and compel them to take action? Do you want them to sign up for your lead magnet, register for your course or webinar, buy something, or schedule a time to speak with you? Choose the one action you want them to take, make it as attractive as possible, clearly ask them to take that one action, and reduce all friction so it is easy for them to do so.

Apply this rule on your website, landing page, and marketing messages, and you will see an improvement in your results.

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