Make Your About Us About Them

Nathan Rodgers
November 7, 2022

This shift in perspective makes a world of difference in any small business's marketing.

In college, I bought an old manual camera and taught myself photography.

This was in the days before digital photography was even a thing.

So I had to pay for each roll of film and then think carefully about each photo I took.

I was a broke college kid after all.

A key lesson I learned about taking great photos was getting the right angle.

Small shifts in perspective often made a huge difference in the quality of the picture I took.

Squatting down instead of standing up. Moving one step to the right or left.

The resulting photos could be vastly different in quality.

In marketing, I’ve seen how one small shift makes a similar difference for small businesses:

Make your About Us (or About Me), about them. 

I see so many websites and social media profiles, where the focus is on the business.

And of course, you write your About Me section and you naturally think, I'm going talk about myself, my background, why I started this business, or why we started it, why we are doing what we're doing, and what makes us so great. 

But the reality…and the hard truth…is that nobody cares about you. 

At least not initially. 

When people come across a new business, the questions they have in their mind are: 

“What's in it for me?”

“Will this solve the problem I have?”

“Will this help me get the thing that I need, want, or desire? 

if you can’t show somebody that they should care, that you solve a problem they have, that you can help them get what they need, want, or desire, then they have no reason to care about you. 

Most small business websites and marketing, however, doesn’t answer these questions.

Businesses talk about how long they’ve been in business. 

Use platitudes about how they care about their customers and are committed to great service.

Provide a list of services without connecting those services to the reasons people might want them.

So I tell my clients and those who ask for my advice, to put themselves in the shoes of the person who would be coming to your website or social media profile, or reading your marketing or advertisement. 

And think about what's in it for them? 

Why should they care about what you do? 

Write your About Us in such a way that it is really about them.

And not just your About Us. 

All of your marketing should answer the questions “What’s in it for them?” and “So what?”

Talk about the things that your prospect cares about and wants.  

Frame everything in such a way that it builds the narrative that you understand them, know how to help them, and that you can deliver on your promise.

It's not easy, because we care deeply about ourselves and what we've done and what we’re doing. 

But we have to communicate with our prospects where they are. 

It’s a small shift, but it’s the difference between a picture your prospect doesn’t even notice, and one that stops them in their tracks and gets them to pay attention.

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