It wasn't supposed to look like this

April 28, 2022

I had planned to build a site that looked entirely different than this one.

This website was going to be different.

I wanted something simple.


Mainly because I wanted to finally start a blog. I've been writing on Twitter now for a year and feel the tingle of desire for more long-form content that can last longer than a thumbscroll (not to mention getting those SEO juices flowing).

So I wanted to keep basic so I could get it done quickly and then focus on writing.

Except I overanalyze everything and this was no exception.

I spent weeks looking into how to create it with Notion since I use Notion as my central note-taking hub and it made sense.

Plus, a few of the personal sites I really like and wanted to model mine on look like they were built in Notion (although, turns out none of them were).

I tried out several Notion website builders: Potion, Super, Popsy,

But each had quirks that made me hesitate, and the constant going back and forth between Notion and the website builder was annoying and I couldn't get even the basic look/feel right that I wanted.

Next I thought about

I really like Systeme as an all-in-one website/funnel builder with email marketing and course tools built in. I've built out a full website for a client using it and know I could have created the site I wanted there.

However, although you can create a blog in Systeme, the editor is a drag-and-drop style editor. That means for each new type of content (header, text, quote, lists, etc), you have to drag a new element onto the page. Which means either interrupted writing if I tried to write the post directly in the Systeme editor or a bunch of time-consuming copying and pasting from wherever I end up writing my drafts (probably Notion or Google Docs).

For someone who wants to write occasional posts that is not a big deal. But I am starting to fancy myself something of a writer and want to make it as smooth and easy for me to write as possible.

I never allowed myself to consider WordPress because I find it too clunky and frustrating to do even the basics. I've never been able to get even a simple site up in Wordpress and looking good and working correctly without needing to hire a developer.

So my finalist was Webflow.

I first met Webflow about a year ago and while it does have a learning curve, it is such a powerful, flexible tool that I knew it could work for me. Plus it has a simple rich text editor that I can use to just write (like I am right now) without worrying about formatting or fiddling with element blocks.

I started to build out my minimalist website in Weblow, but as I did I realized that I am also trying to sell my services as a marketing coach / consultant and so I should have a site that is able to help me attract clients.

Which meant treating this as if it were a real website. Which meant it took quite a bit longer to complete than I expected.

I still tried to keep it fairly simple for now. Mostly because I just want to get it published.

All my doubting demons are raging around telling me it's not good enough but I know that if I keep trying to perfect it, those voices still won't go away and more weeks or months will pass with me sitting on the sidelines.

So off into the world it goes!

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