Is Fear of Success Holding You Back?

Nathan Rodgers
November 13, 2022

Fear of success can cause us to self-sabotage and prevent us from moving ahead in our businesses and our lives.

In the Netflix miniseries Maid, Alex is a young mother who's stuck in an abusive relationship. 

She's abused emotionally, psychologically, and financially

As the threat to her and her daughter's safety escalates, she decides to leave. 

We watch as she tries to break free from her past.  She gets a job and makes progress. But along the way, she keeps making mistakes that set her back. 

At one point she even decides to go back to be with her abusive partner, thinking that he's changed. 

He hasn't. Things get worse than ever and she ends up in a paralyzing depression. 

She has sabotaged her new life. 

Watching her do that, I thought about my own life. 

Not in terms so stark and difficult as an abusive relationship, but in my journey as an entrepreneur. 

Because I often know what I need to do to grow my business. 

I know how I need to do it. 

Sometimes I even start to do it. But then, somewhere along the way, I self–sabotage in the form of pulling back. 

Or stopping completely. Usually to hop over to another tactic before switching again. Amd again. 

It took me a long time to understand why.

I used to think it was mostly about the fear of failure. 

But the more I studied myself and what I was doing, the more I realized it was about the fear of success. 

I think that's what happened to Alex in that series. 

She felt that she wasn't a person who deserved happiness. 

She wasn't a person who deserved freedom.

She was a person who deserved those bad things to happen to her and so she made decisions consciously and unconsciously, that led her back to that place. 

But she was wrong.

She didn't deserve that. 

She deserved to be happy and free and successful. 

So do I. 

And so do you. 

Alex does finally step out of her depression and gets away from her abusive partner for good. 

But she doesn't do it alone. 

She receives help from others to break the cycle, make better decisions, and move forward in her life. 

I've had the good fortune to have similar help. 

And I am driven to pay it back and help other entrepreneurs and small business owners who struggle to take the right steps to move forward in their businesses. 

If you feel stuck, or like you're holding yourself back from having the success you want, let's have a brief chat and get you moving forward.

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