Do you make it easy to buy?

Nathan Rodgers
September 19, 2022

How I bought a coffee maker in my sleep.

I bought a coffee maker in my sleep.

I don’t mean I dreamed about buying a coffee maker. I mean I bought an actual coffee maker while asleep.

We had recently moved to Florida from Colombia. 

My wife, 3-year-old, 6-month-old, dog, and myself.

To make the journey, we had sold or given away most of our things. So when we arrived, we had to buy everything we’d need to make our new place a home.

Including a coffee maker.

We were still sleeping on an air mattress, but few things are more important than a good coffee maker. So before going to sleep one night, I was checking out and comparing options on the Amazon app on my phone.

I was exhausted after the move, a bout with Covid, losing a job, dealing with a difficult medical diagnosis for our girls (which is why we moved to the US), and six months without a full night’s sleep because of the baby.

I don’t even remember falling asleep with the phone in my hand.

The next day I woke up and started my day as usual. Then I saw an email with an order confirmation, even though I was sure I hadn’t ordered anything.

I checked my order history.

Sure enough, I had purchased a coffee machine in my sleep.

Or more specifically, my thumb did. It must have hit the Buy Now button as I was drifting off.

I couldn’t believe it, but it’s a lesson that has stuck with me as I advise small businesses on their growth and marketing.

Because too many make it surprisingly difficult to give them money.

  • eCommerce businesses with cumbersome checkouts that require 4, 5, or more steps
  • Service providers that don’t have a way to book an appointment quickly
  • Local businesses that don’t even say where they are located on their website or social media
  • Coaches, consultants, and speakers that require visitors to fill in a bland contact form to get hold of them
  • Confusing menus and navigation
  • Multiple calls to action, or worse, no call to action 

The lesson: if you’re in business and you want people to give you money, MAKE IT EASY FOR THEM TO GIVE YOU MONEY.

You may not be able to make it so easy that they can do it in their sleep, but you can cut out steps and clicks, make it 100% clear how to move forward with you, and make it easy for them to do.

By the way, I returned the coffee maker my thumb bought and found a cheap little K-cup style machine that is still running strong over a year later.

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