Becoming a Business Coach

Nathan Rodgers
August 4, 2022

How I'm going to transform businesses.

Today I'm excited to start a new direction as a business coach helping small businesses grow their revenue and get better results from their marketing.

Sometimes we take a winding road to get to where we want to be...

I began my career as a Peace Corps Volunteer teaching English in Ukraine.

Then spent 8+ years in operations and project management at UNICEF in NYC, Thailand and Nepal.

My entrepreneurial journey started in my mid-30s when decided to build a hotel and a travel agency in Colombia.

Spent 5 years doing that - and helped raise over $4 million. But then Covid hit just a few months after we opened and I had to hit restart.

I started offering funnel building services.

Then marketing consulting and strategy.

And now I'm transitioning to business coaching, which I think best suits me.

As a business coach, I can bring my real-world experience to bear to help small business owners face the challenges of managing and growing their businesses.I know how difficult and overwhelming that can be.

How frustrating when you can’t quite figure things out and hit that breakthrough and instead find yourself just barely getting by.

Wondering if you made a mistake in starting this thing.Asking yourself if maybe it’s time to just call it quits and go back to a regular job.

Feeling that constant pressure to take care of your employees and your family and not knowing exactly how you're going to do that.

How lonely it can feel.

I've been able to help hundreds of businesses over the past couple years, and I'm excited because now I can do even more to help.

I have a powerful new software tool in my arsenal that enables me to assess any business on up to 40 different areas of revenue and profit growth and that not only enables me to find $10-$50k in hidden revenue in minutes, but also creates a detailed roadmap that we can follow to make that (and more) a reality in your business.

It's the kind of business transformation that can change and improve lives.

And that's what I've always been about since I launched my career as a Peace Corps Volunteer.

Btw, if you know a small business owner that might benefit from finding an additional $10k or more in revenue in a short, free assessment that will give them a real plan they can actually use (and with zero sales tactics involved because I hate being sold to and refuse to do that to others), please let them know they can schedule a time here, or connect with me on Twitter, LinkedIn or by email at

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