A Lost Hobby

Nathan Rodgers
November 14, 2022

About a hobby I love and lost.

I was an amateur photographer for 20 years. 

I invested money and time into it, and for a long time, harbored a dream that I could do it professionally. 

I loved it. 

I studied shutter speed, f-stops, light, and angles.

I analyzed photos to see why they “worked” or didn’t.

Everywhere I went, I looked at the world through a lens. Sometimes figuratively, but often literally. 

Especially on trips, I was that guy. 

I carried a camera and lenses with me everywhere. 

Trying not to take too much time as I worked to get my shots because I didn't want whoever I was with to get annoyed with me. 

Which is why I often preferred to travel alone. 

I’d get home and spend hours editing and sharing on Flickr and later Instagram.

But a few years back, I stopped spending time on my photography.

My backlog of photos to edit got too big and began to feel like a chore.

And between building a hotel and raising kids, I didn’t have time to take many new photos of anything but the hotel and the kids.

Then I got a bit lazy and didn’t take my cameras with me, relying on my phone to take pictures.

Then I got locked out of my Instagram account and stopped sharing photos except for occasionally on Facebook and a new private Instagram account for friends and family.

I still take pictures of my girls, but they’re the quick snaps and selfies parents take, not the portraits I always imagined I would be taking of them. (Not that they hold still for me to even take a good snapshot.)

When we’re out exploring, every once in a while I still try to take some pictures in my old style, but they just sit in my Google Photos account, rarely to be seen again. 

Still, I think there is a love of photography in me that hasn’t disappeared, just gone dormant.

As I realize that I have been consumed by growing my business and being a parent, I also realize I still need some creative outlet.

One way I’m trying to do that is through writing, but I do have hopes of taking up my camera again someday.

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